Avant Safety’s Data Analytics software allows businesses to learn about
health and safety

What is shift analytics?

 analytics is the Data analytics software

 Conquer your marketplace and stay operational under any circumstance that may arise with Avant.
Identify your business’s current strengths and weaknesses in health & safety, quality, environmental and for your peace of mind.

Gain an overview of your business, dive deep into the specific data that grants you the healthy and safe work environment you need, and avoid issues that may prevent growth.

is our latest-technology software, designed to help you delineate effective plans of action to increase performance and productivity. It’s an essential tool for reducing loss from accidents, incidents, and sickness and improving employee satisfaction, retention, and recruitment.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Comprehensive visibility of every aspect of your business’s performances
  • Competitive prices
  • At a glance and in-depth analytics and data reports
  • Intuitive understanding through a scoring system
  • Factual, unbiased information
  • Data collection through multilayer questioning
  • Customised, straightforward, and visual reports
  • Audit carried out at your location by a trained Avant auditor
  • Ongoing support

Avoid fines and assure your Health & Safety compliance

HSE statistics show that more than 1 million workers are injured or made ill by their work every year in Great Britain.

These companies face financial trouble or bankruptcy if they incorrectly follow or fail to implement health & safety regulations. Businesses that don’t comply risk De-Registration, fines, and even prison sentences.
Prevent negative repercussions with a well-functioning health & safety system that allows you to keep track of performance and tackle areas that need improvement. 

Don’t leave your company’s future in the hands of uncertain faith.  your business!

Invest in your company’s future and save it from hazardous circumstances

Avant Safety’s SHIFT technology is here to secure control of your company’s performance in just 5 steps:

1. Contact us to arrange your Avant audit
2. Receive your tailored  report, highlighting your current situation and an analysis of where you stand within your industry
3. Identify your strengths as well as your weaknesses to address any threats and hazards
4. Provide a safe environment to your staff to increase overall satisfaction and productivity
5. Gain peace of mind and a bright, compliant future for your company

Keep your business safe and compliant

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